Foil keyboards

One-Stop-Service - Standard and customer specific foil keyboards and keypads and operator controls for your systems.
Trampenau Unternehmensgruppe offers the possibility to manufacture custom-built keyboards for your applications.


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A Keypad is a flexible keyboard, that is permanently operational even under extreme using conditions. The surfaces are composed of polyester foils, that are thermically shaped and/or pressed.
They often have elastic "suspension zones", allowing a key travel of about 5mm. They carry very similar ergonomic performance features to mechanical standard keyboards, but also offer additional features like dust proofness, water proofness or resistance to chemicals.

For usage in dusty areas (e.g. production sites) occasionally combinations of foil keypads and keyboards are preferred. A standard keyboard is being combined to a undermatched keypad. The keypad serves as a dust proof seal to the casing.
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